This page includes tools that use our dataset. They might also serve as examples for when you want to play with the data yourself.

Semantic Query

If you want to query the dataset using a semantic query, then SPARQL is a good option. Below you can find an example query. This query fetches 10 anime series, including their English name and unique IRI. Hit "Execute" to see the result. Pssst! Don't hesitate to create your own query!


When you want to use the unique IRI of an anime, you need to know it. With the search feature below, you can find that IRI via the anime's title. For example, type "Naruto" in the box below and hit "Search". Under the hood we use Searchbee to facilitate the search functionality.

Reverse Lookup

If you have an anime's URL of a specific platform, such as Kitsu, you can use the following search feature to get the unique IRI of that anime. For example, paste Kitsu's URL ( for the anime "One Piece" in the box below and hit "Search". Under the hood we use a SPARQL query, similar to the one used above.