A Linked Open Dataset with the focus on Anime

Between Our Worlds is an initiative to provide metadata information about anime as Linked Open Data. Wait, what is this Linked Data thingy you speak of? Linked Data is a method of publishing structured data so that it can be interlinked and become more useful through semantic queries. This is something you can't do if you would, for example, store your data in a relational database. Furthermore, the word 'open' refers to the fact that the data is available under a free license.

The core contribution of our initiative is a Linked Open Dataset. It is currently available by downloading the RDF datadump or by quering our Triple Pattern Fragments server.

The dataset has as goal to

  • provide globally unique identifiers for anime,
  • use globally unique, unambiguous property names,
  • provide a self-describing dataset for anime metadata,
  • improve the discoverability of anime-related data, and
  • improve the sharability of anime-related data

The dataset has not as goal to

  • replace social and community platforms, such as Kitsu, MyAnimeList, and AniDB. The dataset allows talking about a uniquely identifiable anime, regardless of the platform. However, if the aforementioned platforms would incorporate the Linked Data principles, all of them would at any point know unambigously about which anime they are talking, without the need to rely on record-matching between platforms to find the same anime.
  • be the central hub, datastore, or database for all anime-related data. The initiative is concerned with the general metadata information about anime. User and application-specific data can and should be hosted by the user and/or the used application. This data can, in turn, link to our data, using the Linked Data principles.

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