The data is available by downloading an RDF datadump or by querying our Triple Pattern Fragments server. Existing ontologies are used as much as possible, but for some concepts we developed our own ontology. We schedule a new release of the dataset every month, which includes the updates of the metadata provided by the Kitsu API.


The latest and all previous datadumps are available below in the HDT format. They do not contain the ontology and action status triples.

  • April 2019 (latest)
  • March 2019
  • February 2019
  • January 2019
  • December 2018
  • November 2018
  • October 2018
  • September 2018
  • August 2018
  • July 2018
  • June 2018
  • May 2018
  • April 2018
  • March 2018
  • February 2018
  • January 2018
  • December 2017
  • November 2017
  • October 2017
  • September 2017
  • August 2017
  • July 2017

Triple Pattern Fragments Server

The data can be queried via a Triple Pattern Fragments server. The URL of the server is Psssst! Visit the URL in the browser to have a quick look at the data! You can query the data by requesting a single fragment or by using SPARQL queries, which combines multiple fragments for you. Several libraries in different programming languages are available that help you with that.


The data is licensed under the CC0 1.0 Universal License.